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The SAXO-SPHERE system, a pathfinder for the future XAO systems on ELTs

Abstract 307

Submitted by Jean-Luc BEUZIT


J.-L. Beuzit, T. Fusco, C. Petit et al




Extreme adaptive optics system (SAXO) is the heart of the SPHERE instrument which aims at directly detect and characterize giant extra-solar planets from the ground. It should equip one of the four VLT 8-m telescopes in 2011. The SAXO AIT and its final integration on-sky will represent a major milestone towards the future planet finder systems on ELT such as EPICS and will provide inestimable feedback for their design and their operation. After a brief presentation of the SAXO system, we will focus on its critical components, their designs and their potential extrapolation in the context of the ELT. In addition, limitation of SAXO will be highlighted and some trails to overcome the:m will be proposed and discussed.

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