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Deformable Mirror Modeling and Parameter Identification

Abstract 170

Submitted by Curt VOGEL


C. Vogel, G. Tyler, R. Conan, C. Blain


Montana State University; the Optical Sciences Company; University of Victoria; University of Victoria


We present a 2-parameter partial differential equation (PDE) model for point-actuated, continuous facesheet deformable mirrors (DMs). This model consists of a (fourth order) biharmonic PDE with Dirac delta terms to represent the passive spring behavior and active loading behavior of the DM actuators. We discuss extensions of the basic model to account for inter-actuator variability, actuator nonlinearities, and possible DM facesheet nonlinearities. We also present an efficient numerical approach, based on adjoint techniques for parameter identification in PDEs, to estimate parameters in the model, and we apply the approach to experimental DM data obtained from the Adaptive Optics Laboratory at the University of Victoria.