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Control algorithm for tomographic wide field-of-view adaptive optics on an ELT

Abstract 163

Submitted by Manal CHEBBO


C. Manal, B. Le Roux




The definition of a control algorithm for a wide field of view AO system (GLAO, MCAO, MOAO…) is in itself a difficult problem and a question which is not totally solved. When the AO system is designed to work on an ELT, the problem becomes even trickier. In fact the very large number of degrees of freedom makes hard or impossible to use standard methods of tomography. Besides that, it is impossible to think in terms of scaling laws to predict AO performances for ELTs because the atmospheric parameters are not scaled. For those reasons, and for the next generation of extremely large telescopes ELTs, we have to define, optimise and simulate a tomographic control algorithm that fits with such a number of degrees of freedom.

We show simulation results of a multiobject Adaptive Optics system (corresponding to EAGLE instrument) with standard control algorithm and its expected performance for telescope varying from 8 to 42 m. We explore, in those simulations, several guide star numbers, magnitudes and configurations. We explore theoretical developments to define an optimized control law for an ELT.