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An optimized calibration strategy for high order adaptive optics systems: the Slope-Oriented Hadamard Actuation

Abstract 161

Submitted by Serge MEIMON


S. Meimon, T. Fusco, C. Petit




The calibration of the interaction matrix deeply affects the performance of an adaptive optics system. In the case of high-order systems, when the number of mirror modes is worth a few thousands, the actuation strategy is critical. Kasper /et. al./ have proposed a calibration procedure using Hadamard actuation pattern. In this paper, we first design a metric on the calibration matrix suited to Adaptive Optics design. Using this metric, and considering the deformable mirror maximum voltage range as well as the Wave Front Sensor (WFS) linearity range, we revisit the work by Kasper /et. al./ and propose a "Slope-oriented" Hadamard actuation pattern. This calibration strategy is tested on an E-ELT configuration, and the gain in terms of residual phase variance is computed.