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The TMT/NFIRAOS LGS wavefront sensing demonstration bench

Abstract 154

Submitted by Rodolphe CONAN


R.Conan(1), O. Lardiere(1), G. Herriot(2), C. Bradley(1), K. Jackson(1)


(1)University of Victoria; (2)NRC-Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics


LGS wavefront sensing on ELTs is challenging. The tip-tilt indetermination, the cone effect, the star elongation, the sodium profiles fluctuations are the main problems plaguing LGS wavefront sensors. The AO Laboratory at the University of Victoria has build a LGS wavefront sensing test bed scaled for the TMT, reproducing the sodium variations and the whole NFIRAOS wavefront sensing scheme. The details of the bench design are given and the implementation of the wavefront sensing algorithm is presented. This one includes a matched filter, zoom optics control, DM command, truth wavefront sensors management and non-common path errors calibration.

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