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Wave front sensing
  • The TMT/NFIRAOS LGS wavefront sensing demonstration bench - CONAN Rodolphe
  • The Self-Coherent Camera: a focal plane wavefront sensor for EPICS - BAUDOZ Pierre
  • The CAFADIS camera: a new tomographic wavefront sensor for Adaptive Optics. - RODRIGUEZ-RAMOS José Manuel
  • Shack-Hartmann tomographic wavefront reconstruction using laser guide star: analysis of spot elongation and fratricide effect. - ROBERT Clélia
  • Sensing Quasi-Static Aberrations of Adaptive Optics Systems On Line with Long-Exposure Phase Diversity - MUGNIER Laurent
  • Phase retrieval in the focal plane - GAESSLER Wolfgang
  • Lessons learned with the Active Phasing Experiment: comparison of four optical phasing sensors on a segmented Very Large Telescope. - GONTé Frédéric
  • Detectors for LGS WF sensing on an ELT: characteristics, special features, limitations, technology - KOLB Johann
  • Concept study of on-instrument wavefront sensors for the TMT IRIS science instrument - LOOP David
  • Comparison of centroiding algorithms to optimize Shack Hartmann WFS in the context of ELTs - THOMAS Sandrine
  • A new sensor for laser tomography on ELTs - GENDRON Eric
  • Characterization of the T/T Conditions at Gemini using Adaptive Optics Telemetry Data - VERAN Jean-Pierre
  • Correction of quasi static wavefront errors for ELTs: experimental validation of a two sequential DMs wavefront controller - PUEYO Laurent
  • Ultra high precision wavefront sensing for Extreme-AO on ELTs - GUYON Olivier