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The oral talks will be held in the Amphithéâtre Buffon of the Université Paris Diderot.

Please find here the full planning of the poster sessions.

Monday 22 June
18h30 Welcome cocktail (Salle Cassini, Observatoire de Paris , more details )  
Tuesday 23 June
08h30 Welcome from chairs  
Astrophysical needs and high level requirements for AO on ELTs
Chair session : F. Eisenhauer
09h00 Overall science goals and top level AO requirements for E-ELT Markus KISSLER-PATIG
09h30 Overall science goals and top level AO requirements for the TMT Jerry NELSON
10h00 Overall science goals and top level AO requirements for GMT Patrick Mc CARTHY
10h30 Coffee break  
11h00 AO Requirements of MICADO, the E-ELT imaging camera Richard DAVIES
11h20 Galactic Centre science with an ELT Thibaut PAUMARD
11h40 Spectroscopy of resolved stellar populations beyond the Local Group Chris EVANS
12h00 The physics of galaxy evolution with EAGLE Mathieu PUECH
12h20 Lunch  
AO systems and instrumental concepts
Session chair: N. Hubin
14h00 Review of AO systems studied for the E-ELT Norbert HUBIN
14h30 Adaptive Optics Systems for the Thirty Meter Telescope Brent ELLERBROEK
15h00 GMT AO implementation and recent advances in GLAO at the MMT Michael LLOYD-HART
15h30 Coffee break  
16h00 ATLAS: The LTAO module of the E-ELT Thierry FUSCO
16h20 Breaking the FoV vs. thickness rule in MCAO Roberto RAGAZZONI
16h40 NFIRAOS - first light adaptive optics system for TMT Glen HERRIOT
17h00 Requirements for AO-ELT operation and AO site monitor Andrei TOKOVININ
17h20 Poster session (details )  
19h00 End of poster session  
19h30 Public conference (Palais de la Découverte , more details )  
Wednesday 24 June
AO systems and instrumental concepts (continuation)
Session chair: B. Ellerbroek
08h30 Wide Field AO design rules for ELTs Jean-Marc CONAN
08h50 Extreme Adaptive Optics in the mid-IR: the METIS AO system Remko STUIK
09h10 Towards the phase A review of MAORY, the multi-conjugate adaptive optics module for the E-ELT Emiliano DIOLAITI
09h30 EAGLE multi-object AO concept study for the E-ELT Gérard ROUSSET
09h50 EPICS, the exoplanet imager for the E-ELT Markus KASPER
10h10 Coffee break  
AO simulations
Session chair: J.-P. Véran
10h40 Models of optical turbulence and wind speed for the Thirty Meter Telescope sites Tony TRAVOUILLON
11h00 Comparison of Reconstruction and Control algorithms on the ESO end-to-end simulator OCTOPUS Iciar MONTILLA
11h20 Full Physical Optics Sky Coverage Simulation for MCAO and MOAO Systems on ELT’s Lianqi WANG
11h40 Closed-loop with laser guide star spot elongation: impact of a maximum a posteriori reconstruction with modeled noise correlations on end-to-end simulations Clémentine BÉCHET
12h00 Lunch  
13h30 Simulations of Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Systems for the European Extremely Large Telescope Richard CLARE
13h50 Wide Field AO simulation for ELT: fourier and global E2E approaches Cyril PETIT
Laser guide stars
Session chair: W. Gaessler
14h10 High-resolution results from the UBC-lidar experiment for the Thirty Meter Telescope Thomas PFROMMER
14h30 Building the demonstrator of the Polychromatic Laser Guide Star (ELP-OA) at Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP) Renaud FOY
14h50 ARGOS- the LBT Laser AO Facility Sebastian RABIEN
15h10 Coffee break  
15h40 Low Order modes retrieval for LGSs tomography Simone ESPOSITO
16h00 The Laser Guide Star Facility for TMT: requirements overview and current status of the design Corinne BOYER
16h20 New methods and technologies that will enable visible wavelength science with laser guidestar AO on the extremely large telescopes Donald GAVEL
16h40 Poster session (details )  
19h00 End of poster session  
19h30 Conference dinner (Cruise on the Seine river , more details )  
Thursday 25 June
Wave front sensing
Session chair: T. Fusco
08h30 Ultra high precision wavefront sensing for Extreme-AO on ELTs Olivier GUYON
08h50 Characterization of the T/T Conditions at Gemini using Adaptive Optics Telemetry Data Jean-Pierre VERAN
09h10 A new sensor for laser tomography on ELTs Eric GENDRON
09h30 Comparison of centroiding algorithms to optimize Shack Hartmann WFS in the context of ELTs Sandrine THOMAS
09h50 Lessons learned with the Active Phasing Experiment: comparison of four optical phasing sensors on a segmented Very Large Telescope. Frédéric GONTÉ
10h10 Coffee break  
10h40 Sensing Quasi-Static Aberrations of Adaptive Optics Systems On Line with Long-Exposure Phase Diversity Laurent MUGNIER
11h00 Phase retrieval in the focal plane Wolfgang GAESSLER
11h20 The Self-Coherent Camera: a focal plane wavefront sensor for EPICS Pierre BAUDOZ
11h40 Correction of quasi static wavefront errors for ELTs: experimental validation of a two sequential DMs wavefront controller Laurent PUEYO
12h00 Lunch  
13h30 Shack-Hartmann tomographic wavefront reconstruction using laser guide star: analysis of spot elongation and fratricide effect. Clélia ROBERT
13h50 The CAFADIS camera: a new tomographic wavefront sensor for Adaptive Optics. José Manuel RODRIGUEZ-RAMOS
14h10 The TMT/NFIRAOS LGS wavefront sensing demonstration bench Rodolphe CONAN
14h30 Concept study of on-instrument wavefront sensors for the TMT IRIS science instrument David LOOP
14h50 Detectors for LGS WF sensing on an ELT: characteristics, special features, limitations, technology Johann KOLB
15h10 Coffee break  
Deformable mirrors
Session chair: J.-M. Conan
15h40 Pre-focal wave front correction and field stabilization for the E-ELT Lieselotte JOCHUM
16h00 Adaptive Telescope Mirror developments in the framework of the European "ELT Design Study" project Armando RICCARDI
16h20 The M4 adaptive unit for the E-ELT Bruno CRÉPY
16h40 Voice-coil technology for the E-ELT M4 Adaptive Unit Daniele GALLIENI
17h00 MEMS Deformable Mirrors for Adaptive Optics in Astronomy Thomas BIFANO
17h20 Recent Progress on Correcting Components at CILAS Jean-christophe SINQUIN
17h40 E-ELT M5 Field Stabilisation Unit Scale 1 Demonstrator (M5FU1D) and Conceptual Design Status Javier BARRIGA
18h00 Poster session (details )  
19h00 End of poster session  
Friday 26 June
Real-time control
Session chair: R. Myers
08h30 Tomography reconstruction using the Learn and Apply (L&A) algorithm: Simulations and tests results at the SESAME bench. Fabrice VIDAL
08h50 A Split LGS/NGS Atmospheric Tomography for MCAO and MOAO Luc GILLES
09h10 Adapting optimal LQG methods to ELT-sized AO systems Carlos CORREIA
09h30 Computationally Efficient Control Strategy for Large Adaptive Optics Systems Rufus FRAANJE
09h50 Fourier transform wavefront reconstruction for the pyramid wavefront sensor Fernando QUIROS-PACHECO
10h10 Coffee break  
10h40 A Real-Time Controller Architecture for the Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics System on the Thirty Meter Telescope Stephen BROWNE
11h00 An FPGA Based Computing Platform for Adaptive Optics Control Gary HOVEY
Session chair: E. Diolati
11h20 Calibration schemes in MCAO Francois RIGAUT
11h40 Solar Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics at the Dunn Solar Telescope Thomas RIMMELE
12h00 CANARY: The on-sky NGS/LGS MOAO demonstrator for EAGLE Tim MORRIS
12h20 Lunch  
13h50 Experimental results of tomographic reconstruction on ONERA laboratory MCAO bench Anne COSTILLE
14h10 Laboratory Demonstrations of 10-m Multi-Object Adaptive Optics in V-band and Implications for ELTs Stephen MARK AMMONS
14h30 The SAXO-SPHERE system, a pathfinder for the future XAO systems on ELTs Jean-Luc BEUZIT
Post processing
Session chair: Y. Clénet
14h50 Determination of astrometry and photometry of faint companions in the presence of residual speckle noise Dan BURKE
15h10 Suppressing stellar residual light on extremely large telescopes by aperture modulation Szymon GLADYSZ
15h30 Use of AO PSF models for the Study of Resolved Stellar Populations Atul DEEP
15h50 Coffee break  
16h10 Discussion & conclusion  
17h00 End of meeting