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Deformable mirrors
  • Voice-coil technology for the E-ELT M4 Adaptive Unit - GALLIENI Daniele
  • The M4 adaptive unit for the E-ELT - CRéPY Bruno
  • Recent Progress on Correcting Components at CILAS - SINQUIN Jean-Christophe
  • Pre-focal wave front correction and field stabilization for the E-ELT - JOCHUM Lieselotte
  • Adaptive Telescope Mirror developments in the framework of the European "ELT Design Study" project - RICCARDI Armando
  • E-ELT M5 Field Stabilisation Unit Scale 1 Demonstrator (M5FU1D) and Conceptual Design Status - BARRIGA Javier
  • MEMS Deformable Mirrors for Adaptive Optics in Astronomy - BIFANO Thomas