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Characterization of Influence Function Non-Additivities for a 1024 Actuators MEMS DM

Abstract 314

Submitted by Celia BLAIN


C. Blain (1), R. Conan (1), C. Vogel (2), C. Bradley (1)


(1) Adaptive Optics Laboratory, University of Victoria, Canada; (2) Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State Universit


With a wide variety of advantages such as a large number of actuators, high stroke, small pitch, no hysteresis or lower cost by actuators, MEMS deformable mirrors (DMs) make excellent candidate to fulfill the requirements of new generation adaptive optics (AO) systems. For open-loop applications, the mirror must be perfectly calibrated in order to obtain deterministic membrane deflection. The characterization of non-linearities, particularly the non-additivity of influence functions, is a critical step. In this paper, we present experimental results obtained at the University of Victoria AO Laboratory with a 1024 actuator MEMS DM. The influence function non-additivities versus voltage are investigated for several geometries of actuators such as direct neighbors, diagonal neighbors and 3 by 3 arrays of actuators, pushed together or in a “push-pull” opposition.