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AO systems and instrumental concepts
  • Review of AO systems studied for the E-ELT (invited) - HUBIN Norbert
  • Adaptive Optics Systems for the Thirty Meter Telescope (invited) - ELLERBROEK Brent
  • GMT AO implementation and recent advances in GLAO at the MMT (invited) - LLOYD-HART Michael
  • Wide Field AO design rules for ELTs - CONAN Jean-Marc
  • Towards the phase A review of MAORY, the multi-conjugate adaptive optics module for the E-ELT - DIOLAITI Emiliano
  • NFIRAOS - first light adaptive optics system for TMT - HERRIOT Glen
  • Extreme Adaptive Optics in the mid-IR: the METIS AO system - STUIK Remko
  • Breaking the FoV vs. thickness rule in MCAO - RAGAZZONI Roberto
  • ATLAS: The LTAO module of the E-ELT - FUSCO Thierry
  • Requirements for AO-ELT operation and AO site monitor - TOKOVININ Andrei
  • EAGLE multi-object AO concept study for the E-ELT - ROUSSET Gérard
  • EPICS, the exoplanet imager for the E-ELT - KASPER Markus