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AO simulations
  • Wide Field AO simulation for ELT: fourier and global E2E approaches - PETIT Cyril
  • Models of optical turbulence and wind speed for the Thirty Meter Telescope sites - TRAVOUILLON Tony
  • Simulations of Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Systems for the European Extremely Large Telescope - CLARE Richard
  • Full Physical Optics Sky Coverage Simulation for MCAO and MOAO Systems on ELT’s - WANG Lianqi
  • Comparison of Reconstruction and Control algorithms on the ESO end-to-end simulator OCTOPUS - ICIAR Montilla
  • Closed-loop with laser guide star spot elongation: impact of a maximum a posteriori reconstruction with modeled noise correlations on end-to-end simulations - BéCHET Clémentine